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[First 4 Figures] The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Sheik Statue

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Who is Sheik, the mysterious character who plays such an important role in Link's quest in the Ocarina of Time? Part of the Sheikah race that populates Hyrule, Sheik comes with the distinctive Sheikah symbol of the eye and tear drop.

First 4 Figures is proud to present Sheik, the third collectible statue in First 4 Figures' Legend of Zelda collectible statue series. With a replica harp, the pose captures the mystery surrounding Sheik and her role in Link's song teacher.

Accurately keeping scale with current and future statues in the series, Sheik stands at approximately 9 inches, including the base.

Cast in high quality poly-stone, the statue is hand finished and hand painted.

Comes with a card of authenticity.

Limited at only 2,500 pieces available worldwide.

pics property of F4F

pics property of F4F

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Klasse statue ich finde sie aber trotz 1/4 etwas klein
Ist im preis wieder etwas gestiegen

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