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US - Superman I-IV Collection [1978-1987] (4K+BD) - Amazon exclusive (SteelBook)

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Preis: 129,98 $
Kauflink: Amazon US

Box Set:

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Bildquelle: Amazon US
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Oh oh... 
Warner verärgert die Fans... 
Kein neu restauriertes Bild und auch nicht der original 5.1 Kinoton im O-Ton mehr. 
Wer den mag (Basis war der sehr geniale  6-Track Sound des Kinos), muss sich noch schnell die alte 4k kaufen. 


Sadly, we have some discouraging news to report today as well: It’s starting to appear as if Warner’s new Superman: 5-Film Collection is going to include Superman: The Movie without the rumored new video restoration, which was first reported to have been done by Jim Bowers of Caped Wonder. And while it appears that the new disc retains the previous (and ill-favored) Dolby Atmos mix, it’s looking like the 5.1 Dolby Digital mix presenting the original theatrical 6-track 70 mm audio (and which is much loved by fans) has been dropped—either by error or by choice—in favor of the same 2.0 original theatrical mix that was available previously on Blu-ray.

The reason we suspect this is the case, is that the Superman: The Movie 4K disc is already available by itself from Amazon. Multiple fans of the film have gotten their hands on it and confirmed that the re-issued disc includes these changes. And naturally, lots of people are cancelling their Superman 5-Film Collection box set pre-orders accordingly.
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