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[Sideshow] Star Wars - Darth Vader Life-Size Figure

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Schakal Rebellion ist Hoffnung!

Naja bei 8000 Dollar kommt es auf 500 Dollar nicht mehr an ;)
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Falls den Vader wer bestellt hat,ist von Sideshow wohl auch storniert worden.

"Thank you for placing a pre-order with us for a Darth Vader Life-Size Figure. We appreciate the patience that you have afforded us during the manufacturing process of this item. Over the past six months our teams have put a high emphasis on quality control so that the final presentation is the best representation of our creative objective. When we have identified that an item is not meeting our standards in the production process it's our policy to halt manufacturing in order to address any concerns.

At this time, we have made a difficult decision to halt the production of the Darth Vader figure because we are unsatisfied with the quality. Rather than move the delivery date out again, we are electing to completely remove the item from our website with the intention of reintroducing it at a later time. Because of this, your order is being canceled and your deposit or any payment toward the Darth Vader is being refunded in full. We’ll send you an email notification when your refund has been posted.

However, we will retain your order information in-house and contact you first via email with an offer to rebook a Darth Vader figure before it is listed on our site. It’s unfortunate and awkward for us to be this delayed, but we’d rather not ship an item that we feel can be done better, especially for our Star Wars fans."
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Kommt davon wenn man immer beim billigsten Chinesen einkauft :D

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